From idea to a validated prototype in less than two weeks.

What is a Design Sprint?

The KZR Design Sprint is a collaborative, cost effective and risk-reducing tool to test new business ideas.

Why run a Design Sprint?

Find the specific set of functionality to deliver the greatest value at the minimum risk and cost.
Reach team consensus through a tested methodology that consistently solves the biggest problems around us.
Highly engaging workshops that keep your team energized and get the best results.

How we run a Design Sprint?

We combine innovative ideas with deep business knowledge and a great product discovery team to deliver scalable business solutions.
Session 1
Define the Big Challenge
Session 2
Produce Multiple Solutions to attack our Big Challenge
Session 3
In Collaboration, Decide which Solution is the Best
Session 4
Design a User Storyboard of how the Solution Fixes our Big Challenge
Session 5
Build a Prototype based on our Best Solution following our Storyboard.
Session 6
Test our Prototype with Real Users and get Actionable Feedback

What are the deliverables?

These are the results that you will get after participating in the Design Sprint
Sprint Documentation
User interview videos, summary report, and recommendations needed bring your prototype to market.
Real User Feedback
Prioritized list of next steps to bring your product to market while detecting key risks.
High-Fidelity Prototype
Usable and realistic prototype to test your business idea.
Idea Validation
With a prototype and data in your hands, you will be more confident to execute on your next steps.

Are you READY for the Design Sprint?